Do not take a young kitten away from its mother under any condition.

About Kanga

Initially her kittens were found in Allentown being poked by kids with sticks. Her rescuer intervened and brought the kittens to us and 3 days later Kanga was rescued by the same woman who brought her to be with her kittens here at the nursery. Thankfully Kanga was found because she too had suffered at the hands of malicious humans. Her tail has been intentionally cut in half, and her front paw had rubber bands wrapped tightly around her toes. She received weeks of intense veterinary care, cold laser treatments, antibiotics, pain medications, to attempt to save her paw and avoid amputation and heal her bone infection. She not only thrived through this treatment, but she did NOT need her paw amputated and she has been vet cleared for adoption! We like to say she is an “old soul,” who loves to lay on your lap and receive pets. She had a difficult street life so she deserves a very loving home. She is extremely friendly, not shy at all, she has a very kind personality. Her injuries left her in extreme pain for many weeks of her life, so we are working hard to find this young lady a home where she will be treated like the queen she is.

  • Breed Domestic Short Hair Tabby
  • Gender Female
  • Age Roughly 1 Year
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