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Our nursery is home based which allows us to easily provide the constant care these newborns need.

The sad truth is…
Neonatal kittens are amongst the highest euthanized group of animals that come into animal shelters. The reason for that is their requirement of around the clock specialty care. Many shelters are not staffed with 24/7 volunteers able (or willing) to provide this level of caretaking. Too many neonatal kittens are given to area shelters and euthanized before the days end simply because they are not equipped for such care.


We are equipped with many independent suites that allow the kittens the space they need based on their development and age.  We have 4 individual nursery locations each with their own focus: Neonatal (incubator nursery), Borderline and Medical (kittens undergoing vet care or weaning), Mom & Baby (suites specifically for nursing queens and their litters), and the Adoptables Playroom (vet cleared and kittens ready for adoption).


75% of our kittens arrive to us because they are found orphaned and require 24/7 bottlefeeding care to survive.  These kittens are hand raised, knowing nothing but kind human touch.  They grow up in our home with dogs, children of varying ages, and everyday noises and activities of any typical family.  This exposure and socialization from birth on up gives bottle babies exceptionally social and loving personalities.


Our volunteers feel like family, and our shelter feels like home.  We strive to provide the “home feeling” to each of our kittens.


Due to the nature of our nursery, our kittens are under constant 24/7 care so they have the best chance at life.  Our dedicated Kitten Care Team fulfills care shifts around the clock to monitor, provide treatment, bottlefeed, or anything our kittens need 24/7.  We also accept urgent and neonatal intakes 24/7 at our main nursery (scheduled intakes only please).  Neonatal kittens are extremely delicate and providing them urgent care sometimes means life or death for them.  Our team makes ourselves available 24/7 to help these vulnerable newborns.

We are a registered 501(c)3!


Please call 610-606-1885 immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Neonatal kittens require immediate and urgent treatment and time is of the essence. We would love to intake all kittens requiring assistance, but the reality is that we are not able to.  We adhere to an intake protocol and kittens must meet certain criteria based on health assessment, environment concerns, life/death situations.  We will accept older kittens in certain circumstances if they require 24/7 supportive care to survive or recover from illness or injury.  We will accept nursing feral moms on a very selective basis, and will accept nursing moms with litters as our space permits based on scenario urgency.  All intakes must be scheduled in advance by texting or calling 610-606-1885.








Not many people are familiar with the required care of neonatal kittens. Because of this, we LOVE to educate! If you would like us to do a presentation to your group, please contact us. Scout groups, church groups, daycares, social groups, etc. Children of all ages (1-101) love kittens! Boys and girls alike, love kittens! We do not charge a fee to come educate your group; however we do request a donation of some sort be given to our nursery.

Get a sneak peek inside of our nursery.

As the founder of Foxy's Cradle, I am officially requesting our communities help in saving our 501(c)3 non-profit neonatal kitten rescue. We provide life saving 24/7 care, 365 days a year, to newborn, sick, injured, abused, wounded, or otherwise high-risk young kittens, or nursing moms with litters found in life threatening situations. We are a resource to countless other rescue organizations reaching as far as NY, NJ, MD, DE, and across PA. Our family of skilled volunteers donate their time, talents, care, and love, to each kitten that enters our home. We hand raise them, provide any medical support or feeding support necessary, to recover them, fully vaccinate, spay/neuter, and find them forever, loving homes.

Click here to help us save Foxy's Cradle. (GoFundMe) or Click here to donate through ShelterLuv

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