Do not take a young kitten away from its mother under any condition.

It is our understanding that there are very few neonatal nurseries setup within the United States, and even fewer established within a home environment.

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I am sure by now you are wondering who exactly we are, and what exactly it is that we do. Here is our story!

Many years ago, I (Kandice) began fostering bottle baby kittens with an area shelter, Peaceable Kingdom, located in Whitehall, PA. I have raised many varieties of orphaned animals, many by bottle feeding, so when I contacted them as a potential new foster home, the bottle baby program is where they landed me. I immediately loved my role on the bottle baby kitten team. Although it has proven to be exhausting and extremely hard around-the-clock work, I could not imagine my life without my neonatal kittens in it.

Over the years, my entire family has joined in on the care of the newborns within my home. Everybody helps care for them, and it is a tremendous team effort. It was only a natural advancement after hundreds of bottle baby fosters, that we decided as a family to break away from Peaceable Kingdom and begin our own small rescue.

Foxy’s Cradle was officially born.

This is an exciting time for us here at Foxy’s Cradle and we sincerely appreciate you sharing in it along with us.

Room For Growth

In early 2019, a brand new nursery was built in my home to accommodate these little ones consisting of various areas.

Take a Peek Inside

How You Can Help

Fostering Application

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**All supplies will be provided to you while you foster**
Once we receive this application, we will contact you to set up an in-person meetup.

Volunteering Application

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Because we are home-based, we will be very selective over who may volunteer within our nursery.

Ways To Donate

We are super excited about the new nursery setup!

We have used it up until currently with foster kittens from Peaceable Kingdom, and it has worked perfectly! It is our understanding that there are very few neonatal nurseries setup within the United States, and even fewer established within a home environment. We feel this is what makes our rescue so unique and special.

Our kittens are cared for 24/7 by our family and several other volunteers, within our home. Therefore, our kittens are raised amongst dogs, children of various ages, and other kittens/cats. They grow up experiencing real life noises and activities of an active home environment. The kittens graduating out of our nursery and into a real-life adoptive families home tend to be extremely well socialized, super friendly, confident, and very healthy (thanks to our vet partners).

We are registered a non-profit 501(c)3!

We Are Not A shelter with open-to-the-public hours.

Our nursery is filled with kittens that are too young and fragile to receive vaccines, and exposure to the public could potentially expose them to fatal diseases. If you have donations to drop off, please  call or text to arrange a convenient drop off time. You may also have the items shipped directly to our address.

Also, please note, that you MUST call us prior to us accepting a kitten, you cannot simply “show up” with kittens.

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