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Do not take a young kitten away from its mother under any condition.

If you found an orphaned kitten, please call or text 610-606-1885 immediately.

Leave a message informing us of your situation, location, number of kittens, please indicate if the kittens eyes are open and if the kittens ears are perked up or folded over.

You may also text pictures to this number as well. We will return your call as quickly as possible. Please understand that we are run by volunteers, and be patient with your calls. Every call will be returned within a few hours maximum.

Contact your veterinarian if you have medical concerns prior to our response to your call. Our volunteers can help guide you to neonatal kitten care; however we are not veterinarians and will not give medical advice. If you have concerns, please contact a veterinarian.


Please be considerate if a volunteer offers to meet you to intake an orphaned kitten, our volunteers will prefer to meet around the Whitehall, PA area.

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