Do not take a young kitten away from its mother under any condition.

Want To Adopt?

Great!!! So you have decided you would like to adopt one of our babies! We are 100% certain you will enjoy every moment with them just as we have over the past few weeks! The adoption fee is $125 per kitten. Upon veterinary request, we will not be completing spay and neuters prior to the kittens being a minimum of 6 months of age. When your kitten reaches spay/neuter age, we will contact you to discuss surgical options. You may choose to take the kitten to your own vet and provide us with their spay/neuter certificate and receive a refund of $50 off of your adoption cost, or we can arrange for you to take the kitten to one of our spay/neuter partners within the Whitehall, PA area to complete the surgery, and we will pay that bill.

Adoption Application

Kitten Information

Adopter Information

Home Information

**We will contact your vet to verify all current pets are up to date on vaccines and are spayed/neutered prior to approving an application. Please contact your vet upon completing this application to grant us permission to speak to them about your care of current animals.
Upon receiving this form we will contact you with further questions if needed and continue with a phone interview. Upon approval, we will set up a time to bring the kitten to your residence for an in-person meet and greet. At the conclusion of that meet and greet, if both you and our volunteer feel the kitten is a good match for your home, you can then complete the adoption by paying the adoption fee and signing the final agreement of adoption which we will email to you upon completion and approval of the preliminary application.

Once we review your application, we will call you to arrange an in person visit with the kitten you are interested in adopting.

Paying Made Easy.

Paying your adoption fee has never been easier. If you choose not to pay in person, you can submit payment via PayPal.

Kittens Up For Adoption:

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